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We could also name this post "5 facts about why Cretans are healthier" because studies show that the Cretans suffer less from cardio vascular diseases or cancer. In fact studies say that the healthiest diet is this from a poor farmer. 

So let's dive into our 5 facts about the Cretan diet, why it's so healthy and why Crete has all it needs to grow healthy foods.  

1) Being a Farmer is still a thing in Crete

Apart from tourism, the main income is generated from agriculture. A high percentage of the Cretan population are acutally farmers - be it farmers for crops, vegetables or animals. Due to that most of the fruit and vegetable but also meat and fish that can be found in the supermarkets are locally grown. As a result the fruits and vegetables can actually ripen on the trees and plants before being harvested as they don't need to be transported for days before they enter the supermarket shelves.   

2) The weather and geographical conditions are optimal

Not only a weather forecast that promises a smashing 360 days of sunshine but also the geographical characteristics such as high mountains, low valleys and a high humidity rate create perfect conditions to grow food.

3) The ancient Cretan Diet is plant-based

The ancient Cretan would eat only what their fields grew and exchange it with the local fisherman. This means that the ancient Cretan diet is mostly plantbased including vegetables, fruits, legumes and grains. Apart from that sea food is readily available anywhere. If you have ever been to Crete you may have noticed that it is difficult to NOT see the sea. Fresh fish, calamary, crabs, octapus, mules and many more are a great part of the Cretan diet.

4) The meat is ACTUALLY free range

Most of the sheep and goats that will cross your road on a regular basis, acutally belong to a farmer. Farmers take their animals to different places daily for them to run in freedom eat the herbs in the mountains and play with their little ones.  

5) Olives, Olives, Olives

There are more olive trees than any other tree in Crete and Crete is one of the biggest olive oil producers world wide. Being blessed with an abundance of olive oil the Cretans don't only use it for the salads or their cuisine. They bake sweets with it and even use it in their cosmetics. 

We all know the numerous benefits of olive oil and what it does to prevent heart diseases. 

At the end of this post there is one little extra: Cretans never eat alone. They love their "Parea" - company. People can sit, eat, drink, sing and dance together for hours doing "Parea". 

Talking about the Cretan diet, we talk about the ancient Cretan diet. Today - due to globalization and the modern way of life, meat has taken a much bigger place in a Cretans life, as well as fried foods. Nevertheless a great part of even the modern diet are vegetables and you will see even the smallest children aiming for the beautiful fresh and colourful vegetables first. 

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